Even though times have changed, fairy tales remain a faithful companion of every childhood. Nowadays, parents lack the time to read and grandparents live far away. That is why A1 Slovenia, Fužine Retirement Home and contemporary Slovene authors joined forces in a unique project named Bedtime Fairy Tales, which connects all generations through fairy tales. 

Bedtime Fairy Tales are a treasure-trove of audio fairy tales, whose magical words are being brought to life by contemporary Slovene authors. The magical touch of shapes and colors was added by young Slovene illustrators: Anja Držanič, Maja Kastelic, Marko Rop, Milanka Fabjančič and Miha Hančič. As there is nothing better to lull a child to sleep than the soothing voice of grandparents, the stories are narrated by the residents of the retirement home.

Bedtime Fairy Tales, audio fairy tales, help the elderly to reconnect with the outside world and help strengthen their cognitive abilities through reading and learning about new technologies. Parents get ideas on what to play to their children, while the little ones get to listen to great Slovene fairy tales that carry them off to sleep every night.