Ana is the leader of the Cultural Society Variete. She adapted and wrote fairy tales for various theaters, radio and television.

Anja is finishing her master's degree in illustration. As a part of the Bedtime Stories project she will be illustrating fairy tales by Boštjan Gorenc – Pižama, Cvetka Sokolov and Tinka Bačič.

Boštjan, a comedian and translator, is publishing two picture books (don't worry – the pictures are not his work) in 2017. When his fingers take a break from running around his keyboard, he likes to jump around standup stages and record podcasts.

Cvetka started publishing her stories with pictures, puzzles and songs for children in Cicido and Ciciban. After releasing her picture book Rdeča hiša (The Red House) in 2004, many others followed.

Damjana writes songs and prose for children and adults – her writing is usually accompanied by the sound of instrumental rock. She published many books for youth and is soon releasing the first one for adults.

Jana's writing is recognized for her mischievous and vivacious heroes as well as convincing and suspense stories. The magic and originality, that can be found in her works, are the reason readers of all generations love her stories so much.

Miha is a comic book author, illustrator and skater, who loves chocolate and hates salad. He will be illustrating fairy tales of Žiga X Gombač, Damjana Kenda Hussu and Jana Bauer.

Milanka is an academic painter, who loves to create with a technical pencil. Her hands created illustrations for the fairy tales of Ana Duša and Tomo Kočar.

Tinka likes writing realistic stories about the life of modern children, sometimes she writes songs, fairy tales, picture books or puzzles. She is a permanent colleague at Ciciban and Cicido.

Tomo is most known for his fairy tales, published in numerous picture books and short stories for young adults, especially for series of Lumpi iz 3. in 4. a (Villains from 3. and 4. a).

Žiga is that Slovene youth writer who dares to step on a raging beast's tale, eat thistle, and court a really large frog. Of course only in fairy tales.


Maja is most known for her wordless picture book Deček in hiša (A boy and a house). Her favorite stories are those, where everything is possible and the world is seen through the eyes of the children.

Marko embellished many Slovene and foreign picture books with his illustrations. Besides creating, he loves nature, philosophy, sports and cooking.